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Remembering JEROMES DREAM: a new conversation between Jeff, Nick, and Erik released!

After a brief teaser released on March 8th, the legendary, highly influential Connecticut screamo band JEROMES DREAM have revealed the first part of their ‘announcement’, which turned out to be an interesting audio conversation, recorded by the band in September 2017. Here’s what they had to say about this unique document of their legacy. Read and listen below and stay tuned for another entry from the band on March 22nd.

On September 3, 2017, we spoke for the first time together since JD ended in 2011. As if we never ceased communication, we quickly began to reflect on what the band meant to us then and now. We decided it was important to record this conversation to offer further insight into how we approached our music, the culture we participated in, the friendships we forged along the way, and everything in between.

We spoke for over 3 hours, but we edited this down to 2 hours and divided into 2 parts — so we hope that you find time to sit with them both this week and learn something about us that you might have otherwise never known.

Earlier this month, JEROMES DREAM started their official Instagram account, YouTube page, and new official webpage featuring videos and a mailing list.

GO HERE to listen to “It’s More Like An Homage To You”, the latest JEROMES DREAM Tribute Compilation


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