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JUST FRIENDS rockin’ new single “JF CREW VOL 2”

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JUST FRIENDS have released “JF CREW VOL 2”, the second in a series of EPs showing off the band’s many chops. Here, we see what makes this crew so appealing in just three songs.

First, there’s an immediately relentless mashup of styles front and center on “Sizzle”. Then there’s what is essentially JF’s mission statement in “Stupid”. Featuring guest vocals from the one and only Lil B, the track is a hyped-up love letter to their hometown, the Bay Area, and also pays homage to Mistah FAB’s “Slappin’ In The Trunk”. Lastly, the EP wraps up with a creative and fired-up cover of No Doubt’s “Hella Good”.

The story goes that last summer, Just Friends vocalist Sam Kless (he/him) met Lil B at the Hyphy Protest in Oakland, CA, and an unlikely friendship began to unfold. When Sam sent him โ€œStupidโ€, Lil B knew he had to be involved. “I’ve been a diehard Lil B fan forever”, explains Kless. “Growing up in the Bay, everyone has a story of how they met or ran into him, so I took a chance at the Protest to tell him how much he inspired me”. Months later, the two exchanged texts about the track and Lil B had his verse done the very next morning.

Just Friends

“JF CREW VOL 2” is an incredibly promising display of range from the 8-member group based out of the East Bay, who have grown pretty accustomed to people not getting it. That’s never stopped Just Friends, though, and it clearly never will. “We are crew. We represent our culture, our families, and the Bay Area,” explains vocalist Brond (she/her). “And you ain’t never seen anything like this”.

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