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JUST HAPPY TO BE HERE give a fresh spin on pop punk with “Ready As I’m Gonna Be”

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Today, we bring you an early premiere of an exciting new voice in the pop-punk scene. Emerging from New Jersey, a state with a rich musical lineage, are Just Happy To Be Here, an up-and-coming quintet, ready to release their debut EP, “Ready As I’m Gonna Be“, on July 14th.

Having formed in the heat of the pandemic, Just Happy To Be Here has spent their two years of existence meticulously crafting a debut that draws inspiration from the genre’s heavyweights. The band’s sound nods to the seasoned grit of The Wonder Years and the infectious energy of All Time Low, straddling a line between nostalgic homage and contemporary evolution.

The members of Just Happy To Be Here — Justin Kostelnik, Cameron Kutzer, Rey Harris, Dane Hopkins, and lead vocalist Danny Auto — offer up a lively blend of punchy guitars, memorable hooks, and raw, honest lyrics, creating an intriguing cocktail of pop-punk staples with a fresh twist. Check out the full stream below.

With “Ready As I’m Gonna Be“, the band harks back to genre throwbacks, yet simultaneously channels an energy and emo-laced angst reminiscent of their more recent contemporaries. The result? A five-track EP that delivers potent guitars, catchy choruses, and an accessible yet eternally candid finish.

Released under Manic Kat Records,Ready As I’m Gonna Be” displays a maturity and depth that belie the band’s short existence. Each track is imbued with an assured, chorus-led approach, suggesting a pop-punk outfit that, even at this early stage, understands the delicate balance between heartfelt storytelling and energetic music making.

Lead vocalist Danny Auto, reflecting on their debut, shares that the band’s sound is “both accessible and perennially honest,” a fitting description for a collection that seamlessly bridges the gap between relatability and emotional truth.


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