Zashed by Daniel Spray Photography
Zashed by Daniel Spray Photography
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ZASHED: young act sculpting Southern metallic hardcore

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From Searcy, Arkansas, a powerful musical movement has been quietly brewing, gaining traction and a dedicated following within the local music scene. Leading this movement is Zashed, a metallic hardcore band, as they make an impactful entrance into the industry with their debut studio EP titled “Pride. Progress. Potential.”

Childhood Bonds and Musical Kinship

Just about a year and a half old, Zashed’s journey as a band might seem relatively short, but the foundation of their camaraderie traces back to their high school days. Previously bandmates in multiple projects that eventually fell apart, they found solace and synchrony in Zashed, the first collective endeavour that truly stuck. This quartet, none older than 22, radiates an energy driven by their youthful audacity and a shared aspiration to extend their musical voyage as far as it will take them.

Born in a town where mosh pits were unheard of, Zashed began their journey as a cover band. Their music became a heady mix of metallic aggression and high-energy performance that had their friends moshing and craving more. It was this unique offering that not only filled a void in Searcy’s music scene but also paved their way towards original compositions.

A Warm Embrace from Little Rock

Zashed’s reception in the Little Rock music scene was nothing short of a warm welcome. The band found kinship with local acts, many of whom they now count among their closest friends. Their immersion into the vibrant hardcore/heavy music scene of Little Rock, shared with notable acts such as Terminal Nation, Morbid Visionz, and My Hands to War, has been integral to their growth. With bands such as Violent Pact, Godsendsdeath, and Jizukiru emerging, they believe it’s a thrilling time to be part of the music scene in Arkansas.

Pride. Progress. Potential.

Zashed’s debut studio EP, recorded with Jason Tedford of Wolfman Recordings, and mixed and mastered by Ryan Bram of Homewrecker Studios, is as much a reflection of their roots as it is an exploration of their musical identity. “Pride. Progress. Potential.” traverses themes of growing up in the South and navigating through its pervasive bigotry and disregard for human life.

The record doesn’t shy away from tough questions and introspection. It interrogates the state of intolerance and challenges listeners to acknowledge and question their comfort within this reality.

At its core, the album explores the possibility of transformation within individuals and societies, examining the all-too-familiar cycle where calamities must occur before people awaken to change.

Looking Ahead

With their first EP now released, Zashed have already turned their attention towards writing for their next release. Eager to spread their music far beyond their hometown, the band is keenly planning an extensive touring schedule this fall.

“The next step for us is to start touring like crazy and reach states in America that we haven’t played before,” they say, displaying their ambition and enthusiasm for the future.

Zashed by Jacob Murry
Zashed by Jacob Murry

While their journey is just beginning, Zashed is a band intent on challenging the status quo and nurturing a much-needed dialogue through their music. Their raw energy, authentic narrative, and refreshing commitment to their craft make them a band to watch in the hardcore scene.


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