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KANINCHEN – “Loss” EP premiere!

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A spoken-folk on IDIOTEQ? Damn right, dear Sirs! These atmospheric tunes from Cornwall, U.K. will make you believe in a holy power. Heavily inspired by film, literature and photography, this project is grounded in creating stories that are emotive and often gut wrenching. Their forthcoming EP called “Loss” was written over the period of the last year. In three parts it covers the concept of a growing life; Act I focuses on the naivety and innocence of falling in love. Act II documents the loss of this, and Act III shows the biggest part of adult existence; accepting loss (of love, and youthful innocence). KANINCHEN has been likened to LA DISPUTE (whom have been recently acclaimed for their newest release) for their story-telling elements, as well as THE ANTLERS for their atmosphere, both of which are amongst our mutual musical interests.

The band is releasing their new EP called “Loss” on May 27th and I’m super stoked to have the opportunity to premiere the whole thing right here, right now. Feel free to launch the player below and scroll down to read the official word from KANINCHEN:

Loss is a concept record based on themes that we all experience as we move from our youth to adulthood. In our youth, there is a defiant rebellion in love. That it will conquer all. That it is better than our parents love. It is like the relationships we see in the movies we’ve watched. As we grow into adults, it is this that dies as the partnerships we have with others around us begin to decay. Part of being an adult is the acceptance of this loss, and learning that every loss is an experience, and that every experience gives us hope for becoming stronger, more rounded people in the future.

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