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KAYO DOT frontman Toby Driver releases solo record “Madonnawhore”

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Toby Driver’s newest solo record titled “Madonnawhore” has been premiered online and it’s probably one of the most straightforward, atmospheric pop oriented offering from KAYO DOT‘s leader. The record was preceded with a music video fot the track “Avignon”, which is a part of an installation by Peter Hopkins Miller at the Venice Film Festival called Biennale. The movie features Toby’s score (the second being a film called Stained Glass, which utilizes an early version of the Kayo Dot song “Stained Glass”). Watch the video and scroll down to listen to the full record.

Toby commented:

One of my favorite things to do, as a growing music listener, was to read album credits printed inside liner notes. A source of indisputable info that could help one more deeply understand what was being heard, and could put the listener right inside the band and right inside the studio. I’m saddened that this has gone away and people rely on amateur reviews, blogs, forums, and Wikipedia to get their info. In response to a bit of misinfo I’m seeing out there, here’s a quick errata for you, to which more will surely be added shortly.
1) “Madonnawhore” is not my first eponymous album, 2005’s “In the L..L..Library Loft” is. Both albums feature members of Kayo Dot, and both are in equal amounts “solo” albums.
2) Ron Varod played the guitar solo on “Craven’s Dawn,” not I.
3) The album is not *about* the madonna-whore complex. It is simply a lens behind other lenses. “Avignon” for example is not about a woman, as it may seem on the surface. Think, what was Avignon?
4) How sad is it when we can’t even get song titles right because we’re not reading the credits, but rather are relying on metatags shortened by apps due to character restrictions? The first track is called “The Scarlet Whore/Her Dealings with the Initiate”

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