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KAYO DOT interviewed by Sound Colour Vibration magazine

Sound Colour Vibration magazine recently conducted an interview with KAYO DOT.

Kayo Dot’s Toby Driver is one astonishing musician, deploying staggering configurations of oddly shaped harmonic lines, vortex like time signatures and a voyage into chamber music, jazz, black metal and other genres that defy explanation. Toby Driver has been the primary song writer for his ever expansive group Kayo Dot and his inclusion into the New York avant-garde scene has brought him musical associates and colleagues who are defining his vision in a larger picture.

Toby Driver has deconstructed the concepts normally associated with heavy metal and has put a more brave, honest and emotionally defining twist in the musical framework that defines that genre. With musical partnership in the ranks of John Zorn’s Tzadik label along with an impressive list of independent labels, Toby Driver is one of the most aggressive and technically proficient composers out today, stretching the limitations of heavy music inside precision based structures that separate into dozens of different modes and genres.

Along with new material for Kayo Dot in the works and many other projects, it’s hard to keep up with this musician at times. There are few other modern composers we value and respect more than Toby. Due to his sheer intensity and unique approach as a writer and musician, we are always looking for the new things he has to offer to the world. It is from this respect for the works of this musician that we are very proud to present to you an exclusive interview with Toby Driver at Sound Colour Vibration.

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