KAYO DOT touring Europe now!

The band will be sharing stages with their pals from San Francisco called BOTANIST. Some booking opportunities are still available, so feel free to ask for free dates via [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]

KAYO DOT released their latest album “Coffins on Io” in October 2014. It marked the band’s eighth full length effort and was put out  by a metal label The Flenser.


11.04.2015 Tilburg, Netherlands @ Roadburn Fest
13.04.2015 Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang
14.04.2015 Gothenburg, [email protected] Fangelset
15.04.2015 Berlin, Germany @ Magnet
16.04.2015 Prague, Czech republic @ Vila Stvanice
17.04.2015 Geneva, Switzerland @ Undertown
18.04.2015 Milano, Italy @ Anteprima Solomace
19.04.2015 Nice, France @ La Zonme
20.04.2015 Paris, France @ Espace B
21.04.2015 London, UK @ The Macbeth
23.04.2015 Manchester, UK @ Islington Mill
25.04.2015 Plymouth, UK @ The Underground
26.04.2015 Caen, France @ tbc
27.04.2015 Essen, Germany @ Panic Room
28.04.2015 Warsaw, Poland @ Mozg Powszechny
29.04.2015 Budapest, Hungary @ GMK

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