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KIDS INSANE stream their new album

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Tel Aviv, Israel’s KIDS INSANE are streaming their brand new album called “All Over”, available on August 1st, 2012 via Third Time Lucky Rekords.

All Over


Here’s the official statement issued by the label:

Formed in Tel Aviv, Israel, it was almost natural for the members of Kids Insane to find punk rock. Kids that live in Israel are forced to join the military and serve a mandatory 3 years. Pacifists are thrown in jail if they refuse recruitment. Other kids seek a way out of service through the mental health officer. The band found an outlet in the culture and music of punk. Drawing on the events that surround them in the news, other art forms, and their personal lives, Kids Insane have stripped down hard core and have begun rebuilding one angry brick at a time.

The band’s upcoming debut release, All Over, due out in August, is a punk rock manifesto that questions everything and denies nothing. From start to finish, All Over brings Kids Insane’s message that there is never one truth through the fury and aggressiveness that is in each song.

Third Time Lucky Rekords is excited to welcome Kids Insane into the TTLR family.

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