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KILLER BE KILLED – “Curb Crusher” video

Fast friends Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY) and Greg Puciato (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN) spent a marathon three-day session in the desert together, working up over a dozen demos with the same drum machine and four-track recorder Max had used to work on SEPULTURA’s »Chaos A.D.«, among others. After recruiting drummer Dave Elitch (ex- THE MARS VOLTA) and bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders (MASTODON), KILLER BE KILLED became a real band in a small rehearsal room. Download. Payment (without registration) and download is provided by our partner Ganxy, Inc.

The band commented:

We wanna say thanks to everyone in Australia who caught our first ever shows. It was a surreal experience that we’ll remember forever. You only get one first anything. One first show, one first tour…and we really can’t express enough how fucking stoked we are to have had those, with this band, down there with you wild bogan fucks. We’ll be back…maybe? Everyone else, we’ll get to you at some point….maybe? Schedules make it tough. Nothing is ever certain, and so time is certainly not taken for granted. So….that being said…when the window opens next….where should we go?

So….a few weeks ago we took a little trip to Australia, and let’s just say we got a bit of it on film(by a bit we mean every damn second unless we told the dudes to stop). Didn’t want any of you to miss out on our first EVER shows, ya know? So here you go, we’ll just leave this right here. If you were there, thanks, if not, we wish you would have been….there will be a next time….somewhere….

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