KING LY CHEE excited about first ever China Hardcore Festival

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China’s first hardcore festival will be held on September 30th in Beijing!

KING LY CHEE are so stoked that their made a short video to spread the word about the event. Go here to check it out.


Here’s the official message from the band:

So excited to announce that Sept 30 in Beijing, China is going to have it’s very FIRST CNHC Hardcore Music Festival! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!??! For me, I started hardcore in Hong Kong through King Ly Chee and tons of hard work way back in 1999…I cannot have ever imagined that there is finally going to be a music festival dedicated to HARDCORE in China!! SUCH A GREAT FEELING AND VINDICATION OF ALL OF OUR HARD WORK!!! This could only happen because the Beijing hardcore kids have kept a positive and respectful nature with each other…they have ALWAYS worked together even if they have differing views, band members quit, bands change style, WHATEVER – they’ve always kept it together because they’re all mature dudes working for hardcore. We have so much to learn from then in Hong Kong – this city where people talk shit about each other all the time and NEVER forget things that have happened in the past. All this stupid bullshit from the past is what restricts people from coming out to support each other in order to have a good time and help this city’s underground music scene grow.

So I’m incredibly excited and proud of what is going to happen on September 30 – but I’m also sad about the reality that Hong Kong will never have a “hardcore fest”. People need to fucking grow up here…forget the past, put down your PETTY CHILDISH bullshit, and see how we can start a new chapter…

We cannot recommend taking a trip up to Beijing enough!!! For China’s very FIRST hardcore festival! You SHOULD ALL TRY TO COME UP!!



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