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Swedish punk rockers KNIFVEN premiere new thunderous record “Brinner”

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What sets “Brinner”, the newest offering from Swedish passionate punk rockers KNIFVEN apart is its palpable energy, catchiness and contagious spirit of . The new record from Gaphals‘ signees have once again expressed their admiration for older punk spirit and it’s hard not to wonder what they might create if they existed 30 years ago. This LP is yet another, highly enjoyable checkpoint in their fun journey of musical exploration and reflecting on the world around us. “Brinner” is a strong if straightforward album packed with catchy earworms and you can finally taste it below!

The band commented:

Brinner” was recorded much in the same way as our debut album “Skuggfigurer” (released in 2015). A short, hectic and pretty intense 5-day session together with producer/engineer Tom van Heesch in Big Island studios in Stockholm. Obviously all songs on “Brinner” were written during a much shorter time span than the debut and we think ourselves that this resulted in “Brinner” being a much more straight-forward and cohesive than “Skuggfigurer”. The recording process was also a bit simpler and quicker, since we took the decision not to invite any guests for participation on the album. Tom’s role as a producer should really be highlighted for how the album came together. He is a true professional and his ideas definitely took the songs to a different (and better) place. “Brinner” is partly a political record, which reflects our thoughts on the world and the things going on around us. For a band with one foot in the punk community that is obviously not that unique. However, “Brinner” also holds a lot of reflections on everyday life, trying to cope with small and big issues related to us as persons and our situations in life. Also not surprisingly, these subject matters are intertwined and it would be impossible to write something really personal without being at least a bit political. “Brinner” is translated to “on fire” or “burning” in English and everything that is said through the lyrics relate to things that lights that fire inside of us. Call it a theme or anything you like, but that’s just the way things are.


The future for Knifven is really not that complicated. First of all, we want to promote this album and give it the best possible support to reach people who are interesting in listening to our music. We want to keep writing, recording and releasing records as long as the fire is burning. There is so much that still remains to be said and a lot of stories to be told. We already have a handful of new songs that are waiting to get played in the rehearsal space as soon as the release tour is finished. Talking about touring, we would of course also like to keep playing live shows. There are still so many places, not just in Sweden, we have not gotten around to visit yet. On top of the list at the moment are Finland (first time) and Germany (third tour), which we both hope to go to later this year.

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