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CLOUD RAT streaming new massive split with CREVASSE!

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Not so long after their official presentation here on IDIOTEQ, fierce powerviolent hardcore pack CREVASSE (members of FINISTERRE, LANDVERRAAD, LEECHFEAST and LAWINE) are back with a new quality addition to their catalogue, a split record with Michigan blackened grind hardcore critter CLOUD RAT! Slated for an April 20th release on Halo Of Flies and Contraszt! Records, the record continues to push the envelope for both bands and for the genre, burns and rampages, sure, leaving you begging for more.

Both bands shared their thoughts on the record for Noisey, who officially premiered the split:


“These were the first songs that we wrote with Brandon on drums. We wanted to step back and revisit our more frantic side with these tracks. Lyrically, the songs touch upon love/loss/manipulation, and self-loathing; distractions while the war machine continues its march, foaming at the mouth for more despair with each step. We also did our first punk cover, ‘Fish in a Pool’ by Danish punks Electric Deads. We changed it a bit and probably fucked it up… sorry, super fun to do though. After playing with Crevasse a couple years back in the Netherlands, we knew right then that we wanted to do a release together. Incredible folks with such manic, exciting energy live.”


“We are thrilled to do this split with the always charming Cloud Rat. We met CR a while ago when we played together in Amsterdam. We are very fond of them; one day we will tour the US together. Or Europe. Things will happen. (Anyway, we are super happy that we can do this split with them, it couldn’t be better.) We recorded ‘Dead Body’ and ‘Infinite Regress’ in a really small basement in Cologne, Germany. Our friend Chris from the amazing band Strafplanet came over to record us. (We urge you to check Strafplanet out. Do it. Now.) ‘Dead Body’ is one of the last songs we wrote. It is weird and grim—definitely the direction we wanna go musically from now on. Apart from all the dark stuff we do, we are actually really nice and social people that we think you might wanna hang out with after a show. Try us.”

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