KNOW THE SCORE to release new 7” via Escapist Records

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Escapist Records is pleased to announce plans to release a brand new KNOW THE SCORE 7”/Digital EP late this fall.



Here’s the rest of the official statement:

Titled Stray Dogs, the EP will contain all new material and be available in both vinyl and digital formats. The vinyl release will feature four different silk-screened covers that when placed together create a larger panel image. Meanwhile, the digital version of the EP will be available on a donation-based system with proceeds going to the South Florida Bullies Canine Rescue. Bassist Nicholas Smith had this to say of the new release:

“We have been shooting around the concept for this record for almost five years and it is finally coming to light with the help of Michael, our long time brother at Escapist Records. It seems people within hardcore are extremely eager to give their money away to keep felons out of jail, pay for medical bills caused by bad decisions, and to cover peoples/bands irresponsible misfortunes. No one is paying for the terrible decisions I have made, so why should I pay for theirs? Why not harness that generosity behind a cause that is worthy of sympathy and awareness? South Florida Bullies Canine Rescue is a non-profit organization run by friends of ours who have been involved with the hardcore scene for several years now. South Florida Bullies has a hell of a fight and could use any help to spread awareness and keep their mission running steady. The subject matter and the overall goal of this record transcend anything we have done in the past. Like always, our music speaks for itself and will again serve as a testament to several subjects that go ignored.”

Originally formed in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in the early 2000’s, Know the Score has released two full-length records and shared the stage with the likes of Blacklisted, Ringworm, Terror, Cold World, and 100 Demons. The band’s debut LP, All Guts, No Glory, was released in 2005 on Goodbye Blue Skies Recordings and their second LP, All Time Low, followed the next year via Eulogy Recordings. Eulogy eventually re-released the first LP in 2008 as All Guts, Still No Glory with the addition of new and unreleased songs. Escapist owner Michael Phillips had this to say on collaborating on the prospective EP:

“I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be working with Know the Score for the release of their new material. I’ve always admired the band’s direct approach they take to their music and lyrics, even if it isn’t the popular decision. I was lucky enough to work with the band previously on our Integrity tribute album and I’m anxious to hear what the new songs bring. Additionally, I’m proud that that we will be helping stop the euthanization of dogs by donating proceeds from digital sales to South Florida Bullies. Please visit the websites below for more information on how to help donate to the organization.”

Know the Score will enter the studio in early September to record for the effort, which they will be supporting with an appearance at Bringing It Back For The Kids Fest 2 in South Florida this October. Additional plans for an Eastcoast/Midwest trip and California trek are also in the works.

Pre-order packages and brand new merch designs for the release will be launched in the near future; stay tuned for further details regarding the release.



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