KNUCKLE PUCK band by Andy Eclov
KNUCKLE PUCK band by Andy Eclov
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KNUCKLE PUCK bares the bittersweet in upcoming album “Losing What We Love”

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Celebrated pop-punk crew, Knuckle Puck, beckon a melancholy yet liberating voyage in their soon-to-be-unveiled album, “Losing What We Love“, slated for release on 20th October 2023 via Pure Noise Records. The title track, now available for the listeners’ discernment, narrates the dialectic of clinging and letting go, a testament to the transient essence of existence.

“If you choose your company wisely, you can allow yourself to give away all that you have to offer without hesitation or fear,” echoes the band, encapsulating the ethos of their new single “Losing What We Love”.

Knuckle Puck’s voyage over the last thirteen years has been an expedition of emotional reconciliation and musical evolution. Their earlier works were marked by a youthful optimism, a lyrical hope that seemed almost defiant. However, the narrative has matured in their fourth studio album, where they delve into the bittersweet acceptance of life’s hard truths.

“For a long time, we felt a responsibility to have this overwhelming hopefulness to our lyrics. This time around, we started writing more honestly with less intent to sound cool or hopeful… This record feels like more of an expression than a motivational speech,” shares Cassasanto, marking a significant shift in the band’s lyrical journey.

The album, concocted under the adept production of Seth Henderson, is a nostalgic nod to the band’s raw, unadulterated early days of music-making, yet with a seasoned understanding and acceptance of life’s ephemeral nature. The album builds on the momentum set by their 2022’s Disposable Life EP and marks their debut with Pure Noise Records.

The creative process this time saw an enhanced collaborative effort, with more in-studio writing and collective molding of original ideas, epitomized in tracks like the album-opening “A New Beginning,” “Worlds Away,” and the gripping single “The Tower.”

“The Tower is a song about welcoming the inevitability of death, destruction, and chaos… It shows a darker side of our band than what we have let people see in recent years,” the band elucidates on the choice of the single, painting a picture of the grave introspection that pervades the album.

The meticulous craftsmanship extends across the album, each track narrating facets of existential contemplation, wrapped in Knuckle Puck’s signature energetic pop-punk sound. Tracks like “2face”, “Act Accordingly”, “Out of Touch” and “Better Late” embody the band’s quintessence, yet with a matured, introspective lens.

This album is not just a collection of songs, but a collaborative soul-search, a reflection on the transient yet beautiful nature of existence.

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