Paint It Black by Danika Zandboer
Paint It Black by Danika Zandboer
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PAINT IT BLACK share new single “Dominion”, new album coming up on Revelation Records

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Paint It Black, the acclaimed Philadelphian hardcore pack, has graced the alternative music scene with “Dominion,” their most recent single, a precursor to their highly awaited album, “Famine,” slated for unveiling on November 3rd courtesy of Revelation Records.

Dominion,” arriving in the wake of the potent “Famine,” delivers a tantalizing two-minute musical odyssey — a symphony of raw, melodic hardcore resonating with the disillusionment of a society entrenched in superficial sentiments and token sympathies. The song is further enriched by the avant-garde contributions of Ink & Dagger’s guitarist, Don DeVore, infusing it with a signature riff that stands out.

For those eager to immerse themselves in “Dominion,” it is accessible for streaming here, and vinyl enthusiasts can already pre-order “Famine” via Revelation Records. For the digitally inclined, Bandcamp offers a gateway.

Paint It Black dives deeper, shedding light on the essence of “Dominion“:

“This song is our attempt to address our country’s frightening slide into right wing theocracy. Aside from direct assaults on reproductive freedom and free speech, the nastiest trick that religious fundamentalism plays on the faithful is the promise of a better life after the one we’re currently living. Rather than critiquing or challenging an economic arrangement that guarantees a life of toil and struggle or abject poverty for most humans, so that a very small number of people can accumulate wealth, we’re offered the narrative that suffering in this life has meaning and will grant us admission into the hereafter. In this way, fundamentalist organized religion protects power and wealth. The idea that the natural world was created for humans to exploit is the reason the world is on fire.”

Throughout their journey, marked by three groundbreaking albums and a trio of poignant seven-inch EPs, the quartet — consisting of frontman Dan Yemin, bass virtuoso Andy Nelson, guitarist Josh Agran, and percussionist Jared Shavelson — has continually sculpted incisive, eloquent musical statements.

These articulate the rage of hardcore, fused with a sophisticated lyrical commentary. Their forthcoming album, “Famine,” encapsulates Paint It Black in its entirety, a triumphant return, charged with the same passion that underpinned their previous 2013 offering, the “Invisible EP.”

Spanning eight tracks, “Famine” bristles with vitality, echoing a decade’s pent-up angst. Its verses wade through myths and reality, fervently challenging religious orthodoxy, rigid constitutional interpretations, and the very ethos of law enforcement.

Paint It Black

Entrusting their vision to Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden in Oakland, CA, a haven that birthed masterpieces for the likes of Deafheaven and Gouge Away, the band opted for a live-to-tape recording — a testament to their organic, unbridled musical prowess.

For those eager to witness Paint It Black live, their November 4th album launch gig, which sold out in a staggering 24 hours, will be complemented by an additional performance on November 5th. Both events are set to resonate within the hallowed walls of the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia. The band will also grace the stage at this year’s edition of The Fest in Gainesville, FL on October 28th.

10/28 – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest
11/4 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ Pegboy, Radiator Hospital, HIRS Collective
11/5 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ The Messthetics, Spaced, Raskol

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