KNUCKLE PUCK band by Andy Eclov
KNUCKLE PUCK band by Andy Eclov
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KNUCKLE PUCK drops new album “Losing What We Love” – new video for “You & I” streaming

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Today, the pop-punk crew Knuckle Puck unveils their latest album, “Losing What We Love”, via Pure Noise Records. Alongside the album release, fans can also indulge in the band’s new video for their single “You & I”.

The band describes “You & I” as a track that echoes the sentiment of recognizing someone’s flaws and eagerly awaiting the moment to sever ties. It’s an anthem that reflects the band’s evolution over their thirteen-year journey, where they’ve seamlessly intertwined intense, introspective lyrics with a touch of optimism. However, “Losing What We Love” sees the band confronting life’s challenges head-on, sans the sugarcoating. The songs encapsulate the ebb and flow of life, emphasizing that change is the only constant.

Cassasanto, a core member, shared, “We’ve always infused a sense of hope into our lyrics. But now, there’s a shift towards raw expression. The world’s current state feels overwhelming, and instead of sugarcoating it, we’re acknowledging the chaos.”

The album, crafted with producer Seth Henderson, hearkens back to the band’s roots. The songwriting essence, not necessarily the sound, channels the magic of their early days. The recording process saw an influx of spontaneous in-studio writing, harking back to their initial songwriting methods.

“The Tower”, one of the standout tracks, delves into themes of mortality and the current grim state of the world, showcasing a more somber side of Knuckle Puck. The band leaned heavily into collaboration for this album, emphasizing collective creativity and pushing their sound boundaries.

Casasanto reflects on the album-making process, “There were moments of doubt, but we pressed on. The end result was rewarding, and we unanimously felt the tracks deserved their spot on the record.”

It’s evident that the band’s cohesion and mutual trust have reinvigorated them, a spark that promises to carry them into their future endeavors. The essence of unity within Knuckle Puck mirrors the energy of their dedicated fanbase, who consistently show up to pack venues and passionately engage with the band’s offering.

Despite the shift in lyrical tone, the authenticity of “Losing What We Love” is bound to resonate with fans, offering a space for collective catharsis. Taylor, from the band, captures the essence of their current mindset, “The true barometer is the live shows, the raw energy from fans. The virtual realm can be deceptive, but the live reactions? That’s genuine.”

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