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KNUCKLEDUST interviewed by Brutality Blog

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Here’s an interview KNUCKLEDUST did with their friends at Brutality Blog. Check it out.


You guys started out in 1996, which means you stand for sixteen years now strong and you are on your way to become the next Sick Of It All. There are so many bands that stop or replace members. What is the Knuckledust secret of sticking together?

Nicky: We kind of grew up together. We know each other from school, from when we were around eleven. We were friends before we started to play music. We grew up together, we got into music together. We did everything together. We have been a family ever since. 

Ray: We were around the same age, into the same stuff. We just played hardcore music, that simple fact was our goal. We never tried to become big, get a label or do famous things. And that is what we still do, we just play music. A lot of band set goals for themselves, they want a major label and if it doesn’t hapepen they break up, they reach too high.

Wema: When people that are not in a band look at people that are in band, they think everything is glamourous. But in fact it is a lot of hard work and bullshit you need to take care of. Without a stable base, the band simply falls apart. Forget about getting big. If you love it, do it.

Ray: we wanted to split up for seven or eight times now, we just never did it we really hate each other (laughs)

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