KULAN GATH by @zoesmithmedia
KULAN GATH by @zoesmithmedia
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KULAN GATH tackles trauma, cancel culture and apocalypse on their new crushing split EP with Rambukk

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Reading, UK based AK47core growling beast KULAN GATH just released their new split EP with Berlin metallers RAMBUKK and today the band checks in to our pages with their special track by track commentary below.

The heavy new offering is an enjoyable blend of old and new metal and hardcore influences. The Brits sound like old guards of old school metallic hardcore and beatdown, muscular metal, providing both an adrenaline rush and a dirty thrill.

Both bands will be playing a handful of shows in Europe in mid May Guys, in May, so please feel free to reach out via kulangathuk at gmail.com if you want to see them at your gig.

Stronger than Shadow.

A song about overcoming trauma.

The idea that bad things create a darkness or blindness within you but if you can embrace that and accept what happened you can be stronger and free of consequences of others actions

Kulan Gath


Apocrypha are written works of unknown authorship or doubtful origin. The song is commentary on cancel culture and the fact that people work so hard to tear others down instead of build their own lives up.

KULAN GATH by @victoria_stm @victoriamowat_art
KULAN GATH by @victoria_stm @victoriamowat_art

In Peace, Vigilance:

I really wanted to write a song about the apocalypse!

The title is from the game Dragon Age and is part of the motto of the Grey Wardens, who protect the land from a cyclic event that causes dark forces to rise up and conquer everything.

There’s also an underlying theme of not getting complacent when things go well but preparing for bad times that may happen.

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