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Kyiv eclectic rockers VOVK share new single “Tiger”, donate proceeds to Ukrainian charities

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Featured in one of our Ukraine specials, Kyiv based post-hardcore, stoner, progressive rock band VOVK are back with their new single Tiger | Tyhr and a lyric video accompanying it. It’s a first for the band that releases in both languages: English and Ukrainian, and will be a part of a future album. The song was written 2 years ago and had only an English version, but after a successful DakhaBrakha cover, the band decided to switch to Ukrainian.

The song is about a person that is too afraid to get out of their comfort zone. They are not committing to important deeds due to a constant fear of failure, which leads to undervaluing their own successes. In times of war, people frequently feel that their help or donations are too little or even meaningless, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Every single bit of help brings us closer to victory.

VOVK band by Зламані Квіти (Alinele Grotesque)
VOVK band by Зламані Квіти (Alinele Grotesque)

The song was being worked on by the new VOVK line-up, which consists of Oleksandr Kuts, joined by Yevhenii Khrulov (Pustosh, Ooze), and Yehor Druzenko (Ooze). Due to constant power infrastructure bombings from russia, recording process stalled and the band was forced to push the release over and over again, and frequent power outages prevented smooth mastering of the track.

All proceeds from the sale of the single on Bandcamp will be donated to Ukrainian charities. Every single purchase brings Ukraine closer to victory against the russian invasion.

“The very process of creating music in the realities of war is very difficult.” – comments the band. “Sometimes the edits to the song were made on the last percent of the laptop’s charge and by candlelight.”

VOVK is going on tour with Stoned Jesus visiting Eastern Europe and collecting donations for Ukrainian volunteers. First concert is on November 10 followed by 11 concerts in 7 countries of Europe.


The main purpose of the tour is cultural ambassadorship. “We are obliged to thank the listeners for their moral and material support and to convey more information about the russian invasion in Ukraine.” – says the babnd.

A portion of all ticket sales will be donated to Ukrainian local charities.

VOVK by Kirai gigs - concert videos & photos
VOVK by Kirai gigs – concert videos & photos
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