LA ARMADA discuss DIY scenes of Chicago, their native Dominican Republic

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Fresh off their recent toour with PROPAGANDHI and IRON CHIC, and the release of their new epic, multi-layered record “Anti-Colonial Vol.1” (Epidemic Records, Creep Records), Dominican by way of Chicago progressive, Latino rhythmed hardcore punks LA ARMADA joins us for a brief interview on their history, moving from the Dominican Republic and settling in Chicago, what it means to be immigrants in the US, and a lot lot more.

LA ARMADA formed in 2001 and moved to Chicago in 2007. The band delivers is a powerful mix of wild, sharp and heavy riffs, angry vocals, irresistible breakdowns, all wrapped up in a thrash metal, hardcore punk crossover container with politically charged, meaningful lyrics. Their new record “Anti-Colonial Vol. 1” was released on March 30th 2018 via Epidemic Records, and Creep Records.

Anti-Colonial Vol. 1” The latest album by La Armada, sees the band honing in on their musical identity and finally capturing the energy of their live shows on record. After years of absorbing elements from the multi-genre bills they played both in the national underground scene as well as in the major touring circuit , the objective was clear but not easy; to utilize the elements of hardcore that first drew them to the genre while adding the Caribbean rhythms that make them unique.

The result is 11 tracks of a tasteful crossover between the hardcore punk they grew up with and the lively grooves commonly heard in latin percussion, something seldom explored successfully in heavy music. The songs range from fast and heavy to crushing down tempo beats, toppled with witty lyrics that touch on the socio-economic barriers that stagger the working class of today.


Questions asked:

1. Hey guys! Thanks so much for joining us here on IDIOTEQ! You’ve recently wrapped up your US trek with PROPAGANDHI and IRON CHIC. How was it?

2. Apart from shows, how is ‘car window view’ on America in these politically and socially turbulent times?

3. It’s been over 10 years since you moved to Chicago. Please take us back to early 00’s and tell us what promped you to change your location.

4. Was it a struggle to fit in? Was it in any way challenging, diving into Chicago’s punk scene as transplants?

5. How has your perspective on US politics changed over the years?

6. How about your ties to Dominican Republic? Are you still deeply connected to the domestic issues of your home country?

7. How is your local hardcore punk scene back in República Dominicana?

8. And how about Chicago? How thriving is your local scene up there?

9. Can you tell us more about your zine making process? How did you get hooked on printed zines in the first place?

10. Any cool printed zines that are still out there you’d like to recommend for our readers?

11. You have planted yourself at the intersection of music and activism. Do you consider those two fields related?

12. Ok, so back to the differences between República Dominicana and the US, what would you consider core values that your home country is built upon and what the main cultural contrasts compared to the States?

13. In terms of individual beliefs and turning them into life changing actions, who are some personal heroes for you?

14. Do you have any recommended books, writings or records for people with an interest in or leaning in getting involved in issues you tackle in your lyrics?

15. If you had one political wish, what would it be?

16. Thanks so much for your time, guys. Appreciate it. Feel free to wrap it up with your final words and some teaser of your upcoming plans for the rest of the year and beyond. Cheers from Warsaw!

LA ARMADA will be doing a coouple of shows later this month in Canada:

LA ARMADA shows!

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