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LA DISPUTE streaming “Tiny Dots” soundtrack

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In conjunction of their Christmas donation action (see the official announcement below), alt post hardcore experimentalists LA DISPUTE have released a full stream of the soundtrack to their Tiny Dots documentary, released earlier this year. Stream below and check out their official word about the donation in support of the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization established to fight to conserve most precious civil liberties of American society.

As minorities the world over brace themselves for hostilities increasingly visible and accepted, many in our home state of Michigan have already felt their effects. Where the Emergency Manager Law has superseded the public’s right to elect those that represent them in largely African-American communities, and where those then placed in charge have consistently turned a blind eye to the poison water flowing in the pipes beneath their homes, it is vitally important that every step going forward is taken to ensure that a voice is provided to those who have had their own systematically silenced. In many instances, that voice speaks loudest and most effectively in legal battles from municipal to state to national courts, where organizations like the ACLU work to protect the rights of all people with no exceptions.
For the last few years on the 25th of December, we’ve made our entire discography available on bandcamp for pay-what-you-can download with all proceeds going to benefit literacy organizations like 826Michigan and the Grand Rapids Creative Youth Center, to Well House of GR, which provides long term homelessness outreach in our beloved city. This year, we ask that you join with so many others in helping to protect the rights of those who have them consistently threatened by visiting our bandcamp page, downloading our music, and donating anything that you’re able to donate toward helping the ACLU of Michigan provide a powerful line of defense for sisters, brothers, and others currently under siege by fear, xenophobia, disregard, and misunderstanding. The moral arc of the universe is indeed long. Now is the time to make absolutely certain that it bends toward justice, together.
Thank you for your time, and for whatever is within your means to give. If you’re unable to give anything, the option is available to download without payment. We understand fully that times are tough and people this time of year in particular are stretched thin.
Read, learn, reach out, start a conversation.
*All downloads must be completed on the 25th of December. Tiny Dots will be available to stream without charge on Vimeo by using the code “dec25”. Should you wish to make a donation for this, please do so via our Bandcamp.
Love to all the people.
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