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Las Vegas power rockers PURE premiere new single & video “Daze Off”!

Drawing influences from bands like Linkin Park, Ocean Grove, and Bring Me The Horizon, Las vegas based independent alternative rock 2-piece PURE are dropping their new single & video, and we’re pleased to give you its first airing above! Taking inspiration from the 90’s grunge and early 00’s nu-metal for this single, the band describes “Daze Off” as a reflection of what can happen to a man when his heart turns cold to the world around him. The single is a follow up to their single “H-Bomb“, which has accumulated over 100,000 views in only a few months.

Asked about their full record release, the band says that at the moment they have a spring merch line in the works and an album written that they’re ready to record, & a couple singles that are ready to release. “Pure is looking to take our music to the mainstream world while bringing a taste of the underground with us.” – comments the band. “For the future we would love to tour when the opportunity presents itself but until that time we’re focused on building our online presence & making as many relationships as possible.”

Pure has had multiple lineup changes since its inception in late 2017. “After the departure of former members Luke Blanchard & Gene Ramirez we got in contact with our friend Ben Hoagland about the possibility of having him step in on vocals. Ben had different plans in mind but wanted to be a part of Pure as much as possible. We wrote nearly 15 songs with Ben & our producer Josh Bearden in a handful of studio sessions & are extremely excited for everyone to hear what we’ve created.”


With each release PURE plans to bring something completely different to the table. “This next single is about giving up on caring about what other people think, almost to a toxic level.” – says the band. “Many times I’ve let the world turn me cold and this is just basically me in the sort of “f*** everyone” sort of mindset.”

Lastly, asked for some new bands recommendations, PURE sticks with 2 main names: Dragged Under & Avoid.

“Two bands that we’ve been listening to nonstop. Their latest records are all around slappers and need to be heard by everyone.”

“Honorable mentions will be Artists Hylo Rayne & Distinguisher. If you’re into rock-influenced hip hop with sing-along melodies, Hylo will hit the spot just right. If you’re in to fight riffs, ambient leads, and ass-beater vocals, Distinguisher are just the band for you.”

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