LAST REMAINS readying new album

I Hate Mondays Radio reports that Ruse, Bulgaria’s LAST REMAINS are currently working on their second full length album, which will also be their first with Alexander “Screamoe” Atanasov on vocals. Titled “Lead the Way”, the outing will feature ten songs, some of them having already appeared on the band’s split CD with OVERDAWN. The recordings will take place in January.

Here’s the tracklist:
1. “Intro”
2. “You Didn’t Beat Me, I Let You Win”
3. “(What Doesn’t Kill Us, Makes Us) Rebuild”
4. “Oblivion”
5. “Our Demise”
6. “They Know the Fucking Truth”
7. “Lead the Way”
8. “November 18th”
9. “This Is Not the End”
10. “One of Us”

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