RATOS DE PORÃO to release new LP
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Legendary crossover thrash force RATOS DE PORÃO to release new album “Necropolítica”

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FOAD Records is thrilled to announce that Brazil’s legendary crossover thrash force RATOS DE PORÃO has joined the roster for the international release of the new full-length “Necropolítica”. The album is confirmed for release May 20th 2022 in CD format, with vinyl to follow in July.

The first single “Aglomeração” is now streaming below!

Eight years after the acclaimed “Século Sinistro”, RATOS DE PORÃO come back with another slab of relentless, raw and politically charged crossover thrash from the depths of the Brazilian underground! Rooted in hardcore, punk and thrash metal in equal measure, the band lay to waste the weak-minded and trend-addled.

With a career spanning over 40 years, RATOS DE PORÃO are true underground legends. They are unconcerned with convention, let alone technicality and a formula. Instead, the band’s no-compromises-allowed approach unfurls songs that are crude, raw and spontaneous – just like the ’80s masters that had little time for limitations and rules.

To keep it extremely unrelenting without being stagnant and too monotonous is a difficult art form, but RATOS DE PORÃO manage to stay away from all this and deliver an album full of metal and punk mayhem while keeping it fresh and dynamic at the same time.

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