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LEIAH taps JENIFEREVER vocalist to produce a grand, emotional rock opus “Endless”

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Endless forms a sonic whole that draws inspiration from music they have always loved, that is a lot of Swedish 90’s indie rock, Sci-Fi film music, British bands like Pink Floyd, Swervedriver and Mogwai. That’s why “Endless” is mixed by Paul Gregory from Lanterns on the Lake (Mastersystem, Minor Victories) and Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna. Paul and Magnus can navigate within those different musical styles seamlessly and you can literally hear it on “Endless”. Bringing their own amalgam of different styles and influences, Leiah proves to have an expert talent for adapting them into such visceral, aural, yet accesible bodies of work.

Once a household name on the European indie/hardcore scene in the late 90’s and early 00’s, Leiah was quickly acclaimed and appreciated for their intense live performances and persistent touring. The band released three albums and shared scenes and festivals with genre defining bands such as The Get Up Kids and At The Drive In.

With Endless, Leiah have made the album they always wanted to make but could not complete due to the chaotic circumstances that surrounded the band in the early years.

You might be wondering why a small Swedish band decides to make a new album after 20 years? The answer is quite simple, the members always felt that the band deserved a better sonic ending.

With Endless we aimed for a more holistic approach. Everyone involved should be invested, wanting to work with us, and helping us make the songs stand out both individually and together. – David Lehnberg

But the record could not have been made without producer Kristofer Jönson (Jeniferever).

Kristofer contacted us early on and said he really wanted to make this record with us. Since we know him and respect his work it was a no-brainer. He really motivated us and even played on some parts. – Gunnar Forsman

As Leiah’s music is all about layers of melodies they went to Norman Nietzsche (Portico Quartet, Kings of Convenience) at prominent Calyx Mastering for the final touches.

More about LEIAH:

David Lehnberg, frontman and main songwriter, formed the emopunk band Leiah in the late ’90s. The band released a string of indie albums in the early 2000s and did many European tours playing shows with bands such as; At the Drive-In, Grade, The Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music & As Friends Rust. The band gained reputation of being a solid live band within the European punk and hardcore scene.

As they catapulted their way into peoples hearts they suddenly and unexpectedly disbanded in early 2004. As their their releases have become hard to come by a handful of posthumous digital releases have been granted by the band and newly released in 2018.

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