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LESRA tease for their new album!

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We’re all waiting on the new killer-album from LESRA! Expect it to be a crushing, devastating juggernaut from the city of Umeå, far north. The city that gave birth to FINAL EXIT, ABHINANDA, SHIELD, REFUSED… and countless of legendary hardcore bands who paved the way for Scandinavian HC. This is not an exception; with sound of powerful New York-hardcore sound mixed with the classic Scandinavian style of hardcore LESRA explodes in a 10-track album. With titles like “The arson party”, “Working class revenge” & “Elbows first” you know what you’d get.


Here’s the full message from Monument records:

Monument & World Vs. Cometh are happy and quite psyched to present the new crushing album from LESRA. 10 devastating tracks with powerful NYHC sound and traditional Ume hardcore style. This is the fullow-up to “Green rage”, an album that leaved deep impressions:

“it makes sense since rage is what fuels this fire. Exploding with thrash riffs encrusted with all the drop tuning you can get your hands on Lesra start and never stop. Ever. Twenty-six minutes of shouted politics, angsty rebellion and bolstered middle fingers to the scene” (sputnikmusic)

Expect nothing less with “You get what you put in”. Aggressive hardcore with guest vocals from Ronnie, Always War.

Track list:
Side A
1. This is it
2. The end of an era
3. No hope
4. All I’ve got
5. Treading water

Side B
6. Shut your mouth
7. Backstabber
8. Working class revenge
9. The arson party
10. Elbows first

Release: 2013-02-12, pre-orders shipped first!

Pressing info:
525x 33RPM LP – transparant orange
Printed innersleeve
Download codes

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