Ska punk rockers LESS THAN JAKE announce new EP
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LESS THAN JAKE release new song “Whatever The Weather”

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Influential Gainesville punk band LESS THAN JAKE have premiered new song “Whatever The Weather” taken from the new EP “Sound The Alarm” out on February 3rd with their new label Pure Noise Records. Fans can pre-order the record now at this link.

Speaking about the new song, lyricist and drummer Vinnie Fiorello says:

…You can’t always explain life through things like bad luck, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or fate. The lyrics tackle that deep down stress and depression and how it tugs you places you never want to go, the thing about those situations though is that you can choose to push through, choose to walk a thin line and come out safe and happy on the other end. No matter the storm or dark cloud days you keep your own path.

Sound The Alarm was recorded and produced by Roger Lima and mixed at the famed punk recording studio, The Blasting Room, in Fort Collins, CO. The band wrapped the record following their run on last summer’s Vans Warped Tour. After years of releasing records through various major and independent labels Less Than Jake has found a new home at the Southern California based Pure Noise Records.

Fiorello continues:

“When I met Jake at the San Francisco stop of Warped Tour, we talked about working together. He is a longtime fan, knows the history and the arch of LTJ and that’s important to know where we have to go. It’s always great to have a mutual respect between band and label and that is exactly what we have between LTJ and Pure Noise”.

The band’s new EP, Sound The Alarm, marks an exciting new chapter for the band as they celebrate 25 years together and a newly inked deal with Pure Noise Records. Featuring 7, ska infused punk songs that quickly remind listeners of the band’s incredible ability to craft memorable, hook-filled music.

Fiorello explains:

“We started writing this set of songs, similar to our last record See The Light, sitting around a table in our warehouse with some acoustic guitars, lyrics scribbled on scraps of paper, and a constant barrage of ideas.

Trying ideas as they would come out, sometimes chasing the idea, or getting connected or not connected to an idea right away. We had been writing and were planning on fleshing out the ideas while on Warped Tour.”


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