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Post punk/hardcore act GROUP OF MAN premiere new EP ‘World Peace Champions’

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One year after their debut EP and 4 years after our interview with their associated act MINE, we are happy to unveil the first listen of “World Peace Champions”, the newest EP from GROUP OF MAN! Starting as a two man project comprised of Chris Barling and Mark Scurr (MINE) – with a mindset of constant forward thinking and movement – Nick Searle (TEMPERS FRAY), Stuart Anderson (PARISO) and Tom Davis (NEVERMIND ME) were soon recruited. The band’s new EP offers a tasteful, perfectly balanced post-punk-meets-modern-hardcore vibe and is packed full of driving riffs that are definitely going to leave you hungry for more. Lyrically touching on personal issues such as social anxiety, sexuality and procrastination rather than the social commentary themes prevalent previously, World Peace Champions is a strong example of a band working to develop an intriguing body of work for the collective good of Rock. Scroll down to listen for yourself!

Melding influences (consciously or otherwise) from The Bronx and Torche to Fleetwood Mac and even Slade, World Peace Champions is an inherently fresh take on well-worn paths. Like buying a new sweater, and it being awesome, but at the same time – somehow – it possesses qualities that remind you of your Dad. Group of Man really is greater than the sum of its threads. The physical release of this EP will be limited to just 50 handmade and painted cassettes, made by the aptly named Cult Culture label – these wont hang around. Digital will be handled by Holy Roar Records.

Asked about their own view on the record, the band offered the following;

‘I think the vibe is much heavier on this record but still has the post punk influence we had on ‘We are good people’. I really just wanted this record to have more riffs haha, which I think it does. I like to think it sounds like a British hardcore record as a lot of UK heavy music is heavily American influenced. Not that that’s a bad thing but it’s not really something I’m interested in doing with GOM.

Lyrically I think Chris was dealing with lots of issues young people, and older people have today. The anxiety with trying to exist in a world devoid of spirituality and love. A world governed by Money and Technology. I think a lot of people are suffering in this way and its important to highlight these issues.

Overall it’s just a solid rock record really. But at a time when everything’s so convoluted I think that’s exactly what’s needed. ‘

Catch the band live at their record release show on January 28th at Flashback Records in London – RSVP here!

GROUP OF MAN release show

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