LESS THAN JAKE share “Fat Mike’s on Drugs (Again)”, tackling NoFX’s very own Fat Mike

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LESS THAN JAKE have released their new single “Fat Mike’s on Drugs (Again)”, about none other than NOFX‘s very own Fat Mike. Accompanied by a hilarious animated music video, created by Punchline bassist Chris Fafalios, the track receives Mike’s full blessing and support, making the joke all the more fun.

Along with the new single, the band has launched pre-orders for a 7″ Flexi and a new t-shirt design. The Flexi will be limited to 1000 pieces and made available in both US and UK stores. Fans can pre-order HERE.

Speaking on their latest offering, bassist and co-vocalist Roger Lima comments: “Just having fun with it! Fat Mike is a great friend and we are all fans of Nofx.” Exclaims Lima. “This song came together over a few jam sessions and we recorded it without too much overthinking. Hopefully, everyone finds the humour in this track and remember kids, don’t do drugs!”.

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