ANTIGAMA: grindcore vets streaming new album Whiteout in full!

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Tomorrow, Poland’s innovative grindcore kingpins ANTIGAMA will unveil their eighth album, Whiteout, through their long-running allies at Selfmadegod Records. On the eve of its release, No Echo is now hosting an exclusive advance stream of the entire decimating record.

Ending a seven-year gap since their prior LP, Whiteout once again showcases ANTIGAMA’s primal energy with a modern framework and advanced sophistication. The eleven pieces are rapid, direct, and uncompromising, with the atmosphere of human decline and aggravation.

Whiteout was recorded and mixed at JNS Studio and various locations between May and September 2021 by Pawel Grabowski and ANTIGAMA, mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks, and is completed with cover artwork by Wojciech Szymañski. The record’s closing track “2222” features a searing guest saxophone performance from Marcin Kajper.

With Whiteout’s advance stream, No Echo writes, “the album showcases the quartet’s penchant for ‘fuck yes, that’s mean yet catchy!’ guitar riffs, moshy sections, and yes, tons of velocity. But like Napalm Death and Nasum—other legends in the grind game—Antigama clearly understand how to craft memorable songs, above anything else.”

Selfmadegod Records will release Whiteout on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats this Friday, July 15th.

For twenty-two years, ANTIGAMA has been making unrestricted grindcore chaos, adhering to zero boundaries in their avant-garde attitude and mechanistic noise execution.

The band’s mighty discography includes seven albums, Intellect Made Us Blind, Discomfort, Zeroland, Resonance, Warning, Meteor, and The Insolent, most of which were released by Selfmadegod Records. In 2006, they signed a worldwide contract with Relapse Records for two albums before returning to Selfmadegod in 2012.


With new drummer Pawel Jaroszewicz, who joined the band in 2011, they recorded the mini-LPs Stop The Chaos and Depressant. ANTIGAMA has also released numerous split releases with Pig Destroyer, Drugs Of Faith, Coldworker, The Kill, Noisear, Nyia, Anima Morte, Total Fucking Destruction, and Rot, as well as legendary Polish electronic music composer Wladyslaw “Gudonis” Komendarek and others.

ANTIGAMA has performed many shows, festivals, and tours across Europe, with highlights like Obscene Extreme Festival, Brutal Assault, Metalfest, Netherlands Deathfest, Metalmania Festival, and a 2018 headlining UK tour. The band has also traveled to the US for tours which included shows at prestigious American extreme music festivals Maryland Deathfest, California Deathfest, and more. ANTIGAMA has supported and played with bands heavily alongside Napalm Death, Nasum, Enemy Soil, Decapitated, Fuck the Facts, Drugs Of Faith, Today Is The Day, Dying Fetus, Noisear, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Brutal Blues, Vader, and countless more.

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