LEUCROTA: Debut Demo By Californian Blackened Hardcore Horde To Be Released End of February!

San Francisco Bay Area darkness-obsessed DIY indie label Sentient Ruin Laboratories is extremely proud and honored to announce the release of the debut Demo by Santa Cruz, CA- based hardcore punk monstrosity LEUCROTA, a band who is only a few months old, as they just started playing their first shows only in the fall of 2014, but that have already caused unrepeatable damage in the Bay Area’s punk underground and wrecked complete havoc up and down the West Coast with their pillaging and barbaric live shows.

The band’s next show is in Davis at the Morgue with Wodewoes and Oort Cloud on Friday, February 20th. The address is: 1919 Wahl Way, Davis CA, 95616, USA.

In the wake of this ongoing and completely damaged and wretched spawning of cacophony, the band has also recorded their debut demo, which – recorded in the dungeons of Oakland and boasting the sound of a hellish swarm – will now be released on a limited run of cassette tapes and as a digital product by Sentient Ruin. The five raw, lo-fi, disembodied and totally wretched blasts of pillaging hardcore punk aggression contained on this release will resound in the ears of the listener like a frightening wake up call, like an alarm going off in their heads to be reminded of how disgusting, repulsive and totally fucked the world of humans is.

Leucrota are the sound of teeth grinding, bones rattling and skin rippling in fear. They are the sound of a garbage dump full of rats, of a slum over boiling with misery, of a mass-grave circled by vultures. They are the sound of hunger, starvation, emaciation, loss and of one’s endless slipping into an abyss of despair. Their abrasive, death-ridden, vile and suffocating hardcore punk is the shit of nightmares. Black Flag run through the most frightening dungeons of the most horrifying mental hospital. Born Against plunged into an abyss of hallucinating madness. Unwound run through a black metal meat grinder. Fugazi wretched and disfigured from within with a daunting selfcombustion of grimness and bitterness completely spun out of control. Hardcore punk, noise rock, d-beat crust, sludge and black metal colliding and disintegrating in a hideous implosion of despair. Leucrota hail from sunny Santa Cruz, CA, but there is no light in this band’s spastic and plague-ridden music. Everything in this band’s music is a chocking and a beating, constant, uninterrupted humiliation and sadism.

Fans of bands like Cursed, Full of Hell, Retox, Baptists, Void, Crucifix, Dead in the Dirt, andHeartless can not sleep on this release whatsofuckingever, and  will not want to miss the utter sandblasting of aggression, cruelty and bitterness delivered by Leucrota on their debut offering. This is the pinnacle of filth, rawness, hatred, and desperation in the world of all things underground hardcore and punk.

Sentient Ruin Laboratories is a 100% DIY, darkness-obsessed, no-bullshit, independent record label based in the San Francisco Bay Area and launched by Oakland-based blackened crust-doom band Abstracter. The label was created in 2012 as a channel for the band to put out limited editions of their debut album, Tomb of Feathers, on cassette tape and as a means to have more control over their work and creative output. Fast forward to the present, the band has now turned the label into an full-blown outlet for all the things dark and brutal they love, and have started releasing extremely limited editions of physical copies and handling full digital distribution and promotion for artists they admire and respect on multiple levels of creativity and artistic vision. Encompassing all genres and stylistic boundaries, the label will put out instead anything that strikes the band’s admiration and triggers their unconditional respect somehow, from noise to punk, from minimalist sounds to black metal, from experimental to ambient releases and everything in between as long it’s dark, different, forward-thinking and violent sounding.

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