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LIFERUINER interviewed by Heart Fest

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LIFERUINER‘s Jonny OC was recently interviewed by Heart Fest.

Which hardcore and non-hardcore bands are Liferuiner influenced by?
I think everyone in my bands musical spectrum is so wide with different styles of music I don’t think I could name just 2. Right now I’m jamming the new Sigur Ros pretty hard and also Code Orange Kids.

How is the Canadian hardcore scene compared to the American hardcore scene?
I think in many ways the scenes are incredibly similar as far as the cliqueyness goes. But I like the scene better in Canada because the scenes are so spread apart, so every scene is different, it;s sorta cool. America is cool too but I guess being Canadian I’ll always hold it down for home. In Gatineau/Ottawa we are trying to keep our shows as intense as we can without having to resort to excessive violence. We are trying to keep a certain level of control on what we’re doing, even with all the intensity.

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Photo by Hayley F.

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