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REIGN SUPREME interviewed by Heart Fest

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Heart Fest conducted an interview with Jay Pepito from REIGN SUPREME.

Which hardcore and non-hardcore bands are Reign Sup influenced by?

We started off as sort of a Hatebreed/Madball/Figure Four hybrid that was really into the metallic hardcore thing, but we’ve progressed our sound somewhat into something that’s sort of uniquely ours. Without getting too pretentious, I think our new stuff sounds like a mixture of styles, heavily influenced by Converge, Disfear, Bastard, Advent, Neurosis, Machinehead, Sepultura, Entombed, Mastodon, Ringworm, Integrity, and with some melodic experimental stuff sort of in the Isis/Deftones/Explosions in the Sky like.

How is the American hardcore scene compared to the Canadian hardcore scene?

That’s really tough for me to comment on, we haven’t been touring a lot, so I really have no point of reference on this. Traditionally, I will say that our shows in Canada have always been really awesome, and we are grateful for that.

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Photo by Sailor’s Heart.

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