LIFESTORY: MONOLOGUE announces break-up (2004-2012)

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Canadian post-rock band LIFESTORY: MONOLOGUE have announced that they are splitting up in the end of the year. The band will be doing their last tour in November. Check out their full statement below.

Hi Everyone,

Yes, it’s true. 2012 will be Lifestory: Monologue’s final year.

This summer Richard made us aware that his heart had shifted. He informed us that he desired to make his family and career the primary focus of his life and with this part ways with Lifestory: Monologue. Although a deep sadness was our first reaction (Richard and I cried together on my porch for a good half hour) we’ve all come to respect and honor this decision. It was and is the right one. Shortly afterwards, the remaining five of us unanimously agreed that this would be a proper time to end Lifestory: Monologue.

Lifestory: Monologue’s first ever show was in October 2004 – fast forward through roughly 300 shows – and Lifestory: Monologue’s last show ever will be in December 2012. Most may not realize that this band has existed for 8 years. For the members of Lifestory this constitutes one third of our lives. In these formidable years, we’ve all grown, strengthened, matured and defined ourselves as individuals with each other’s support and even in light of the band dissolving there is no doubt that unbreakable and ever-growing friendships will remain. We don’t really know a life without each other. In other words, we’re all still great friends.

But enough about us. To you – the reader, the listener, the concert-goer, the host, the promoter, the fellow band, producer, engineer, sound guy – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of our beards. We have met a unique and incredibly kind collection people through our decision to play music publically. We never were a largely “successful” band per se but we sure made a ton of friends and always enjoyed ourselves. We made it our mandate to be the most affable band but we were really just reflecting what was given to us.

So what do you say, shall we do this one last time? A farewell tour? You bet there is. And it is probably the most comprehensive yet. Check out the dates below.

In light of the nature of this letter, we are pleased to announce the release of a farewell EP titled: There Is Hope If You Wish It So – And I Wish It So. Please go download it. It is free but if Lifestory: Monologue really meant something to you please donate. It will help us greatly. Despite the names Rich and Banks appearing in our roster we are neither of those things. Included in this EP; the only Lifestory song with an F-bomb, a guest vocalist named Bruno, a lost track from 2008, electronic versions of Lifestory songs you’ve heard and other unreleased material. Here’s a link, right HERE.


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