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LIONS / MY FIRST CASTLE / ODD DATES / GULFER split streaming online!

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Enjoyment Records is streaming the newest split by 4 cool math rock / pop punk / alternative rock bands! Check out the collaboration between Knoxville’s LIONS, DC’s MY FIRST CASTLE, Grand Rapids’ ODD DATES and Monytreal’s GULFER below and greab your physical copy at this location.


Proving that when 4 bands with solid DIY ethics collaborate on a single release, the result can be rather spectacular.

All parties bring the positive punk vibes through a well refined mix of indie-mathpop (Lions), melodic screamo (My First Castle), punk/emo (Odd Dates) & math-emo (Gulfer) . Outcome: a juggernaut of quirky and melodic rock numbers that do not fuck around.

Ultimately, this is a record put together to celebrate new friendships and exciting new music within the DIY music community. 100% fun. 0% bullshit.

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