“Liquida Vita” – Italian experimental / avant-garde duo express big ideas with no words

Heavily inspired by the work of Polish philosopher and sociologist Zbigniew Bauman, who was one of the world’s most significant social theorists on post-modern consumerism and liquid modernity, and sadly passed away in early 2017, the recent avant-garde record “Liquida Vita” by Italian duo Walter Forestiere and Vito Pesce goes back to the root principles of improvisational music study and reveals loads of dangerous beauty through outwardly simple free forms. We caught up with Vito Pesce to learn more about this project and the absorbing influences behind it.

Liquida Vita” is out now on Fisherground and Sonorus. The album has been released on both digital and limited edition (50) clear audiotapes, with a special postcard version of the artwork.

“Liquida Vita” is a project of sonic and idiomatic research, based on several elements: Instant composition (structural and destructive) and extemporary gestures, which are expressed by a feeling of morigerated expressive-emotional necessities.

Vito Pesce and Walter Forestiere, respectively electric guitar and drums, translate theirselves in a varied and changing narrative flux, telling about a lively and consistent Humanity.

Two rare microcosms, searching for their natural collocation among the widespreading heat.

The album has been freely inspired by Zygmunt Bauman‘s works and Life.

What inspired you to create such a creepy, disturbing piece of work?

We tried to work and stay focused on the spontaneous interaction between our ways to play our instruments, the fact you recognize our work as creepy and disturbing is one of the many sides of interpretations given by the listeners.

For us, it is a sonic representation of what Zygmunt Bauman wrote about postmodern consumerism and liquid modernity, from which we took the album’s name “Liquida Vita” that means “Liquid Life”.


Although it’s an instrumental piece, were there some concepts behind these tracks? Do you try to embody melody, hope, and positiveness, amidst the nightmarish bleakness of Liquida Vita?

First of all, as said before; the whole album born is freely inspired to Bauman’s works and life. It has started as an experimental work of idiomatic and non-idiomatic language research between two performers/improvisers; so what you can hear is the result of a urgent creative flow, right know we’re working really hard on new material that will be more focused on our compositions instead of a “free form” structures; sure we’ll go ahead searching and experimenting for new solutions and feelings. You’ll hear sooner than what you expect…

What were the recording sessions like?

For this album, we played absolutely Live and spontaneously in different places, always multitrack recording our performances (from november ’17 to march ’18); then we proceed to select the excerpts we felt interested in and after all, the last step was mixing/mastering in a recording studio.

Will you be playing some live shows in support of this project?

Sure we will! The project has born as a Live and loud duo, and still it is; we are currently promoting the album at our best, hoping to play live shows as much as possible. So don’t be shy and drop us a line!

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