Lone Kodiak by Sarah Lee
Lone Kodiak by Sarah Lee
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LONE KODIAK: crafting identity amidst echoes of eclectic alt rock influences

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Lone Kodiak, a dynamic east LA rock quartet, has never been one to shy away from emotional depths, even if it means confronting somber themes with a touch of rebellion. With their recent track, “Make It a Weapon (Catastrophzr Version),” the band steps further into a distinctive soundscape that’s as powerful as it’s poignant.

Emerging from the lively streets of Los Angeles, Lone Kodiak crafts music reminiscent of legendary bands like The Cure, Hum, and The Smashing Pumpkins. Yet, it’s the band’s tenacity during the global pandemic that speaks volumes about their artistry. They’ve taken the quintessential rock elements they grew up on, refining and experimenting, to sculpt a sound that is unmistakably and exclusively theirs.

Their consistent presence in venues like The Echo and Moroccan Lounge, coupled with collaborations with the likes of The Marias and Night Talks, has cemented Lone Kodiak’s reputation as formidable players in the LA music scene.

However, the upcoming release of their debut album, “Inside Voices,” produced by Kyle Mangels, is what many anticipate as their breakout moment. With tracks featuring artists like Hunter Leigh Allen of Chase Petra, the album is a testament to their eclectic influences, ranging from the fervor of Deftones to the introspection of Band of Horses.

The genesis of their new single “Make It a Weapon (Catastrophzr Version)” is as intriguing as its sonic allure. According to the band, Lone Kodiak harbors an alter ego named Hurry Death, a manifestation of their more subdued and introspective side. This alternate identity emerged when Alden and Parker felt that reviving their former project, emberghost, wasn’t the right direction.

However, the band isn’t content with mere “acoustic versions.” The mission is to reinvent songs for specific performances. One such rendition, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement of 2020, encapsulates the hubris of well-intentioned individuals succumbing to remorse and seeking redemption.

“Inspired by 2020’s Black Lives Matter movement, the essential theme is the hubris of the well-intentioned giving way to remorse and the seeking of forgiveness.” – says the band.

Additionally, the song confronts the pervasive and haunting grip of depression, addressing the misconceptions and stigmas surrounding mental health. As the band puts it, the track’s underlying theme tackles how society’s indifference or mockery can inadvertently turn an individual’s pain into a weapon against them.

What makes “Make It a Weapon” even more compelling is its production journey. The band, donning the alias Catastrophzr for these alternate renditions, took a hands-on approach, with vocalist/guitarist Parker initiating the process. From the raw and intimate beginnings of the track to Alden’s transformative bass additions, every member’s contribution was instrumental.

The result, as Parker aptly expressed, is a “trippy, unsettling audio experience.”


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