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Long Island, NY acoustic punk duo BITTERS AND DISTRACTIONS breaks the silence with “The Expression Left Your Face”

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Redefining the contours of the genre with just one guitar and a repertoire of life’s raw narratives,  Long Island, NY based Bitters and Distractions unveils “The Expression Left Your Face,” featuring Will Romeo of Neckscars, a raw reflection on societal discord from their upcoming 7″ “The Home That Procrastination Built” on Sell The Heart Records, marking a fresh chapter of acoustic punk narrative.

We’re stoked to give you the first listen below.

Jeremy Quitko and Travis Johnides, the duo behind this sonic rebellion, have woven their personal histories into a tapestry of sound that resonates with both intimacy and intensity. With their beginnings rooted in the transformation of Quitko’s lyrical musings—inspired by a blend of past experiences and profound losses—into Johnides’ melodic compositions, the project has morphed into an entity that commands attention beyond the confinements of their initial creative scope.

Their auditory journey, marked by tracks that compel listeners to belt out lyrics with reckless abandon, has not gone unnoticed.

Described by critics as purveyors of “catchy sing-along jams” and architects of anthems best shouted “at 2am while hammered off your ass,” Bitters and Distractions stand at the precipice of their next chapter with the forthcoming release of “The Home That Procrastination Built.” This 7″ vinyl, set to imprint their tales on the legacy of Berkeley’s Sell The Heart Records, promises to be a beacon for both new listeners and long-time followers. Amidst the anticipation of their seventh release, the duo’s commitment to their craft and the punk ethos shines as a testament to their evolution from a serendipitous collaboration to a formidable force within the scene.

As they team up with us to give you their new single, “The Expression Left Your Face,” featuring Will Romeo of Neckscars, Bitters and Distractions delve into themes of dissent and disconnection, offering a poignant reflection on the societal discord that permeates the air.

This new track, a harbinger of the nuanced exploration expected in their upcoming EP, captures the essence of their musical journey—a blend of introspection, critique, and an unyielding hope for resonance in the cacophony of our times. Great vibes!

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