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LUCIDITY share new blackened emoviolence / screamo masterpiece “The Minsk Sea”

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In 2015, fans of Улыбайся Ветру were left devastated when the band disbanded. But, as fate would have it, some of the former members reunited in 2022 to form a new project called LUCIDITY.

And boy, did they come back with a bang. LUCIDITY’s latest album “The Minsk Sea” is a seven-track masterpiece that will leave you emotionally drained yet craving more. It’s an intricate and hard-hitting album that seamlessly blends the raw energy of early Loma Prieta and Youth Funeral with the Russian emoviolence sounds of Qatsi and Minaret.

If you’re a fan of screamo and emoviolence and crave heartfelt post hardcore that hits you right in the gut, then “The Minsk Sea” is a real treat that you simply cannot afford to miss. Listen for yourself.

The opus in question kindles an inferno of the senses, razing through its seven compositions in less than a dozen minutes, leaving a trail of smoldering ruins in its wake.

Unrestrained in its intensity, it ebbs and flows with a raw dynamism that is as scorching as it is enigmatic, propelled by seared and tattered vocalizations that evoke a twisted form of beauty.

Imagine a fusillade of explosions, with only fleeting moments of repose to collect oneself, then behold a sonic assault that epitomizes this description. Phew, that was something.

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