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Lyon post rockers where mermaids drown mesmerize with new single “Apophenia”

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As the eagerly anticipated release of their debut album “Reminisce” draws near, the elusive ensemble known as where mermaids drown shall unveil a mesmerizing single on the morrow of Friday March 3rd.

Entitled “Apophenia“, the single plummets the listener deep into the post-rock realm, where the Lyon-based quartet showcases their dexterity in crafting a soundscape that is both weighty and ethereal.

where mermaids drown

Drawing inspiration from the likes of genre luminaries such as Caspian, Toundra, and This Will Destroy You, where mermaids drown has imbued “Apophenia” with a sound that captivates the imagination.

β€œThe opening of the album with “Apophenia” was an obvious choice in this desire to tell the story of the stages of a love relationship,” says the band. β€œApophenia is a perceptual disorder that connects unrelated events or phenomena. Without taking the definition literally, the beginnings of a relationship often leave room for this interpretation of the other’s gestures, words and intentions. Rightly or wrongly… So the video tells the story of a person who finds a pendant and then imagines a life and memories with another person that are only a figment of his imagination. Despite this, the protagonist keeps some beautiful images in his head.”

where mermaids drown πŸ“· Nastasia
where mermaids drown πŸ“· Nastasia

Finally, the band will embark on a tour throughout Europe in May, culminating with a noteworthy appearance at A Colossal Weekend in Copenhagen, a festival boasting an impressive lineup featuring And So I Watch You From Afar, Liturgy, Messa, Boris, Inter Arma, Poly-Math, Pupil Slicer, and a host of other exceptional acts.

where mermaids drown

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