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Contemporary Noise Ensemble launches a journey through jazz, space rock, funk and electronic in new exciting album – new track streaming

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Following a creative hiatus spanning over a decade, the Contemporary Noise Ensemble has resurfaced with their latest album entitled “An Excellent Spiritual Serviceman“. The band’s composition has been streamlined, and the mellifluous sound of the brass section has been supplanted by programmable synthesizers, resulting in a novel auditory experience.

The band’s focus has shifted towards composition rather than improvisation, leading to a diminished jazzy sonority. The electric bass has replaced the double bass, and the drums remain the sole acoustic instrument. The album features a diverse range of pre-recorded instruments, including marimba, vibraphone, Rhodes and upright pianos, surrounded by arpeggiated synths and programmable electronic instruments.

Contemporary Noise Ensemble
Contemporary Noise Ensemble

The album takes listeners on a journey through jazz, space rock, funk and electronic music, culminating in a rock song which shares the album’s title. Despite the changes, the Contemporary Noise Ensemble has maintained their maturity and class, continuing to impress their audience.

Today, we’re thrilled to give you one of the new songs, “The Queen Is About To Spin”!

“An Excellent Spiritual Serviceman” is out on April 28th via Denovali Records.

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