“MACHINA / The Machines Of God” reissue coming up

One of my favorite alternative rock album of the 90s/00s era, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS‘ fifth full length called “MACHINA/The Machines Of God” will be re-worked and re-issued! Check out the officvial word below. The record marked a notable comeback of the band’s original drummer Jimmy Chamberlin! But hey, that’s not all. The reissue of 1998’ “Adore” is also in the works! Stay tuned for more details!

In other news, the Web went crazy after the band’s frontman, Billy Corgan, appeared hugging 2 kitties on the Summer ’14 cover of Paws Chicago’s magazine. See the picture below :)

Looking forward to the eventual reissue of a restored and recompiled MACHINA, work has begun on transfers from the original 24 track tapes, as well as a host of select live shows. The effort will be unprecedented for Smashing Pumpkins et al, as Billy Corgan has indicated plans to put the album not only in it’s original and intended double/triple album sequence, but has designs on commissioning new remixes of all materials as well. The intention he says is clear: to present MACHINA in the original form in which it was written; or in his words, ‘as a theatrical narrative.’

Other possibilities of coalescing the story exist: including the addition of extant materials such acoustic alternates, re-contextualized soundtrack pieces, and use of spoken word to create an immersive experience.”

“I’m also not opposed to asking current artists to participate, singing songs as such on the compositions meant for other character’s voices,” Billy adds. “Finishing what the band started so long ago, and we just didn’t have the strength to end.”

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