Mike JUDGE remembering late 80s in hardcore

Denver’s Westword magazine has issued a nice article featuring the frontman of the legendary NYC straight edge band JUDGE recalling a bunch of interesting facts about late 80s and early 90s American hardcore scene.

Today, the band’s members don’t wonder whether they will have to fight their way to the stage or spend the night locked inside a warehouse while thirty dusted-out skinheads wait in the packing lot, howling for blood, like in some sort of Tromaville nightmare. The crowds now actually show up looking for music. “Well, the faces up front are still the same ones, they’re just older now,” says Mike. “The fighting and beat-downs are gone, too. When we broke up, it seemed like no one gave a shit about what we had to say. Now, those records finally seem to have found the hands they were intended for.

“It’s crazy when a 45-year-old dude comes up and tells you that a song you wrote changed his life or helped him through some rough times, and then you hear the exact same story from some seventeen-year-old kid five minutes later. It’s just really good to be able to put all the bullshit behind us and focus on what we have right now.”

Go here to read the whole thing.

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