Magnitude by Kayla Guilliams
Magnitude by Kayla Guilliams
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MAGNITUDE returns with a vengeance: new single “Rectify” streaming!

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North Carolina hardcore band Magnitude is back with a bang, delivering their highly anticipated new single, “Rectify.” This marks their first release since 2019 and serves as a tantalizing glimpse of their forthcoming album, set to be announced this fall on Triple B Records.

Drawing inspiration from influential straight edge bands like Foundation and Mindset, while also paying homage to ’90s acts such as One King Down and Indecision, Magnitude has crafted a track that pulsates with raw energy and poignant lyrics centered around breaking free from false realities.

Rectify” wastes no time in immersing listeners in its relentless barrage of riffs and straight-forward vocal delivery. Magnitude’s self-produced and self-recorded track grabs hold of your senses, leaving little room to breathe as it propels you into a world of unapologetic hardcore intensity. The song’s hard-hitting energy is tailor-made for two-stepping, while the lyrics adopt a more introspective tone, urging listeners to break away from the chains of societal expectations and superficial validation.


The self-produced nature of “Rectify” showcases Magnitude’s commitment to their craft and their unwavering authenticity. With John Howard at Warhouse Recordings taking charge of the mixing and mastering, the band ensures that their music retains its raw and unfiltered essence. As fans eagerly await the album’s release later this year, Magnitude promises an immersive and uncompromising experience, with more details on the horizon.

On the single, vocalist Russell Bussey states: โ€œRectify is ultimately about rediscovering your true self. Itโ€™s about healing your mind from the effects of a society that places so much value in the vanity of the material world and status quo. The idea is to free your mind from the constant cycle of pursuing external validation that leads to unnecessary self criticism and insecurities.โ€

Magnitude by Joe Calixto
Magnitude by Joe Calixto

Magnitude have two east coast performances coming up, August 6th at This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, PA and at the Triple B/ DAZE / Streets Of Hate showcase taking place in Brooklyn, NY on 9/30 + 10/1.

Magnitude is Russell Bussey (vocals), Connor McAuliffe (drums), Matt Kalbaugh (guitar), Anthony Burke (guitat), and Alex Cejas (bass).

Upcoming Shows:
8/6 – Philadelphia PA / This Is Hardcore Fest @ Franklin Music Hall
9/30 + 10/1 – Brooklyn, NY / Triple B Showcase @ Brooklyn Monarch

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