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THE MAHONES – “The Hunger & The Fight” video

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THE MAHONES have launched an official video for The Hunger & The Fight, the title track off of part one of our double concept album. Part Two is slated for release on August 18th, 2015. This song features the incredible Tara Slone (JOYDROP) on guest vocals, and the film footage was shot over the course of the past six months on tour.

The band commented:

We’re going to start releasing videos for The Hunger & The Fight (Part One) over the next month. So why now? 7 months after the album release? Well, we were planning on releasing videos starting in December when we got home from our fall tour, but then Cuzo passed away, and we didn’t really have it in us. We were all distraught and miserable, and there was no point. Life was way too hard for a few months there. But, listening to the song now – you can’t help but hear his incredible bass lines. He was such a great musician, and the song is a tribute to his talent. The entire album is. It was the last thing he worked on before he passed, and he did a damn good job. We’re proud of him, and we miss him everyday. We dedicate this song to him every night on tour.

Anyway, enjoy. There are a lot more to come.

Part Two of The Hunger & The Fight will be dedicated to the memory of Paul “Cuzo” Mancuso.

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