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Malmö hardcore act OVERDOSE streaming new songs

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Almost a year after the release of their debut demo, Swedish hardcore mob OVERDOSE is back with 2 new promo tracks. “Promo 2016” explores fresh energy and reaches new production quality in the process. Listen below and check out the lyrics below.

You’ll Get Yours

Violent cops, racist mobs
Tin foil hatted fucking bigots
“Liberal” parties sit on the fence
We’ll fight back, you’ll get yours
We’ll pull you up before you root
Weed out all the xenophobes
You better run, don’t push your luck
Fascist scum go get fucked

It’s a sick society but we’ve got a cure
You’re the disease and we’ll get rid of you
It’s a sick society and you’re the pollution
there’s no forgiveness, no peaceful solution

Animal Instinct:

Dry heave through the night
feels like i’ve lost my mind again and again
society has gone insane
I’m running out of time to breathe again and again

animal instinct
fight or flight
Chronic stress
Then you die

Chest pain all day through
Cortisol that floods the brain again and again
Society has gone insane
I fall into the same shit rut again and again

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