BIG PROBLEM, by Luke Allen
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Manchester punk 3-piece BIG PROBLEM brings the heat with “Morbid Pace”

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Nestled in the throbbing heart of Manchester’s music scene, Big Problem crashes onto the alt punk punk stage, wielding their debut EP “Morbid Pace” with a raw ferocity and super organic feel.

Phil Bowman (bass/vocals), Jake Hardie (guitar/backing vocals), and John Hinde (drums/backing vocals/percussion) form the core of Big Problem, channeling inspirations from the likes of Militarie Gun and Fugazi into a sound that’s fiercely their own.

The band’s DIY ethos shines, with self-recorded sessions in their practice rooms.

It was the self recording the band’s visceral energy. The magic touch? An old space echo unit, courtesy of James, John’s brother. It weaves a sonic thread that stitches the songs into a seamless narrative.

Art by @worksbychio
Artwork by CHIO

The EP’s thematic heart pulses with the rhythm of the everyday—the contrast of life’s drudgery against its fleeting joys.

Thematically, the record is about the monotony and frustration of having to complete mundane activities, contrasted against those same activities when you actually want to do them.

BIG PROBLEM by Luke_allen
BIG PROBLEM by Luke_allen

Voice samples from their circle add an intimate layer to the mix, personal anecdotes that amplify the themes. Each track a chapter in a larger story.

Big Beat” kicks off the EP, its driving beat a metaphor for the daily grind, while “Rowing,” the first single, embodies the EP’s title with its stark examination of life’s pendulum swings between frustration and fulfillment.

BIG PROBLEM Manchester
BIG PRBLEM, by Harvie Winstanley

The finale, “Traction Slips,” is a cooler ride, a track that captures the zen of a perfect drive. “It’s the calm after the storm, the clarity after chaos”.

With production by John Hinde, mastering by Grant Berry at Fader Mastering, and artwork by CHIO, “Morbid Pace” is a self-made offering dedicated to those caught in the high-speed chase of life, offering a rhythm to navigate the sharp turns and sudden stops.

BIG PROBLEM, by John Booth


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