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MASAKARI guitarist talks about new material from the band

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Blow the Scene recently conducted an interview with MASAKARI founder and guitarist Joe Yanick, who talks about the band’s plans for this year.

Asked about new material from the band, Yanick replied:

I think we are focused on different things, from my perspective- I’ve been trying to write an album, to write a second full-length. But we’ve been really hesitant to admit that we are writing a full-length. On our first album- definitely, and on our split- a little bit.. We found ourselves kind of forcing material out to get the records going. We didn’t sacrifice anything, we’ve never written a song we don’t like- with some of the members being a little lukewarm on some of the tracks. But overall, I think we’re pretty proud of what we’ve worked on, we just want the new album to be a vast improvement on the old stuff. So we are very hesitant to put any dates to anything.

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