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Mathgrind act THE SOUND THAT ENDS CREATION twist minds with new insane single

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One-man projects are the ultimate statement of musical independence and a declaration that a DIY artist doesn’t need others to mesmerize and create epic, orchestra-like deliveries, straight from the source, with no filters. THE SOUND THAT ENDS CREATION, a one-man mathgrind project from Allen, TX, is a great example of that and what other time of the year than Halloween would it be better to unveil one of his mind-bending tunes. The song we’re premiering today is “A Dead Rat Falling From The Ceiling Onto A Table At Buffalo Wild Wings” and comes from THE SOUND THAT ENDS CREATION’s 4th album, “Music Designed To Give You Ideas… Incase You Should Run Out Of Ideas”, which will be released on November 22nd! Lyrically, it’s based off of the Twilight Zone episode “The Masks” and it is all about how horrible people really are. Sonically? Well, play it loud and give us your first impressions in the comments below.

With some of his biggest influences being acts like Daughters, Psyopus, and See You Next Tuesday, in addition to some crazy mathgrind, Chris have incorporated a piano into every track, which brings the insanity to that next level, and accentuates the attack of the guitar and it’s panic chords.

It also helps that this is the best production I’ve ever had, and the most structured (if you can even call it that) music I have written. – adds Chris

The lyrics for this song in particular are based off of the episode “The Masks” the overall idea is that humanity is basically garbage, and no amount of make-up and fake smiles can change that. People wear these “masks” to try to hide it, but underneath the masks they’re all caricatures of themselves. People are the dead rat falling from the ceiling onto a table at buffalo wild wings, we’re this horrible thing that is ruining everything for all other forms of life in the world.


Basically, everything you wished iwrestledabearonce would do if they came back around. / Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Delicious, delicious tech-grinding, experimental, mathy, jazzy madness. Get grinding. / Metal Injection

3 other tracks from the release have already been revealed, one of them with a great music video, so feel free to check them out as well:

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